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Roger Lapinski

Roger Lapinski

Burr Ridge, IL


Welcome to the Gallery.
Roger J. Lapinski Photography
Giclee/ Fine Art Photography

Roger Lapinski is a graduate of the University of Illinois, College of Pharmacy. He is also a musician and played at weddings, proms and bars to pay his way through college.
He has always been interested in photography. He is self-taught, a free lance photographer, a member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals and the La Grange Art League and Gallery.

He has won several ribbons at the La Grange Art League and Gallery.
At the Alliance of Fine Art's, "Best of the Best Art Show" he won a ribbon for his Photo Collage,"Hats and Glass", That show featured 94 award winning artists from the greater Chicago area.

Any comments (good or bad) regarding the artwork would be very useful and deeply appreciated...please email them directly to him.. Thanks

All work is available either in B/W or color. Contact him directly if you wish to change the photo that's shown.


St. Mary of Propetual Help


Mother Nature...Not


Bloomingdale Trail Graffiti XV


Bloomingdale Trail Graffiti XIV


Street Art XV




Radio Head


One Way


Viaduct Flowers


The Juggling Chick


Bloomingdale Trail Graffiti XIII


Mirror Mirror on the Wall


One Tough Rhino


Street Art at Western ave


X-Rayed Chicken


So in Love They Lost Their Heads


Headless on the Head


Wall VII - Gone


Wall VI - Gone


Wall V - Gone


Wall IV - Gone




Aqua I - artist's rendition


1930 Stutz MB Hood Ornament


Almost...Field with Sunflowers